• Vly Creek Vodka

    Vly Creek Vodka

    Gole medal winning vodka Vodka distilled from NY apples and wheat 80 proof


  • Drie Brook Rye Whiskey

    Drie Brook Rye Whiskey

    Made from a mashbill of 75% NY Rye and 25% malted Barley aged for a minimum of 12 months in 15 gallon barrels 92 proof


  • FirGIN


    Catskills foraged flavors. Light on the juniper with Balsam fir and Norway spruce tips. Catskill Mtn Wild Ginseng, horseradish, cucumber and more 80 proof


  • Catskill Mountain Maple Spirit

    Catskill Mountain Maple Spirit

    A rum like product that sips like a bourbon. Made from fermented and distilled pure local NY maple syrup and aged in used bourbon barrels that also contained maple syrup. 80 proof


  • Hand Sanitizer, 16 or 32oz.

    Hand Sanitizer, 16 or 32oz.

    Made using the World Health Organization formula. 80% alcohol. 16 or 32 ounce options.